AVIFAVIR® is the first effective, registered drug for COVID‐19 treatment

In all of the excitement about Covid-19 Personal protective equipment (such as face masks, etc.) testing strategies, such as our CLINITEST COVID-19 rapid tests and Vaccines, little focus has been paid to Covid-19 treatments, which is astonishing, considering the fact that the first effective, registered drug for COVID-19 treatment, AVIFAVIR®, is ready to be delivered.

AVIFAVIR® is an antiviral medication / drug, used to treat influenza, clinical studies have shown that AVIFAVIR enabled SARS-CoV-2 viral clearance and was safe and well-tolerated. When using AVIFAVIR®, patients:

Report on summary of efficacy and safety post-marketing study of AVIFAVIR® in 940 patients with COVID-19 showed that the drug is efficient and save and has a number of positive impacts:

For COVID patients:

  • Efficient and safe
  • Both in hospitals and at home
  • Prevention of hospitalization
  • Faster recovery
  • Reduced contagion and isolation period

For Doctors

  • No fear of COVID-19
  • Decreased burden on hospitals by 3 times
  • Reduced hospitalization period by 30%

For National Economy

  • Reduced social tensions
  • Educed disability period
  • Support of economy
  • Prevention of lockdown