Patient Monitor

An often used device in combination with a ventilator is a patient monitor. This device can measure and monitor a combination of biometric values of a patient in a hospital or in a clinic. This allows for continuous monitoring of a patient, with medical staff being continuously informed of the changes in general conditions of a patient. It can also warn of pending fatal conditions before visible signs are noticeable to clinical staff.

Our patient monitor, the VitaGuard ® VG 3100 is a very versatile monitor and a great complement to our solar powered ventilators, as it monitors oxygen saturation (SpO2), heart rate and respiration of patients of all ages, thus giving medical personnel and caregivers the security they need, both in ambulatory and clinical environments. It is also designed very compact and power-efficient, allowing it to be used in remote areas such as in weak-grid and off-grid areas of this world.