PAYG Ready Solar Home System

BOS AG and Solarkiosk have joined forces to create a powerful solar system, which is an intelligent all-in-one solution combining all functions necessary, including inverters, chargers, MPPT trackers and Lithium batteries, to convert power from solar modules to run the Löwenstein ventilators reliably. The system is, at full charge, able to run the ventilator for 2 consecutive days in full operational mode.

The system comes with 1kWp solar modules and is designed for off – grid and hybrid solar system usage. It can be used in various applications, such as in homes, schools, health centres and other rural applications and has been designed to reliable power the ventilators 24/7.

It has been designed to be used and run completely independent from the grid or from generators, but they can also be used as a backup in order to encounter negative, live threatening impacts resulting from black outs and shortages of energy. The systems are designed to run in rough conditions and are fully customizable for the specific needs of the customers.